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Benmore – Final Message

Mrs Murray had such fun spending time with the children yesterday as they had so much to tell her about!  Everyone has had a real ‘can do’ approach to all the wonderful outdoor experiences and really risen to the challenges.  Mrs Murray joined Mr Crandles and his group for their Forest Walk where the children got to make a fire and have hot chocolate!

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Group 1:

We went on the forest walk we went through this wee tunnel and we made a fire. We had hot chocolate.” Brandon “We went canoeing, we got tipped over because everyone was mucking around. It was fun. We had to canoe over to a big bridge, it was tiring but fun.”   Kieran

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Group 2:

“Biking was really muddy, but fun. Me and Merve ended up standing in the muddy puddle on the dirt track.” Tegan “We went on a forest walk and we went through a tunnel. We went into the woods and had hot chocolate.”   Rojan



“The disco was very fun and exciting. The best song was ‘Stokesy’s on Fire!'”    Alexis





Benmore – Day 2

This Morning:

“I got up early! And we got 9 and a half out of 10 on our dorm inspection.”      Sophia

Group 1:

We went biking and some people fell off. We also went skimming stones.” Luke “We also stopped at the river and me and Brandon went in.” Dylan “We had to walk up a gorge. I really liked sliding down the water.”    Emma M

Group 2:

We did the rope course, I climbed to the top of the pole and jumped to the trapeze andimg_1531 hung upside down!” Romany “We did the gorge walk! It was great. I went under the Africa Stone and we slid down the rocks into the pool. It was freezing!” Merve “And we learnt that cows have 4 stomachs, not 7.”     Jack


Wednesday Evening:

“We did a quiz in groups. We had to find information on the bottom floor, there was posters on the walls with answers. We had to communicate with St John’s Primary to get answers.”     Abbie

News from Benmore – Day 1

Everyone is happy and having a great time trying new things and supporting each other. Miss McMillan and Mr Crandles are very impressed by the children’s enthusiasm and commitment. Here are a few photos of the children in action and some feedback about the activities:


The ropes course was very high, scary and challenging but we got the hang of it. We had different activities to do so you got a chance to try something new which was great.

Aqsa and Emma B

Group 2:

Canoeing was a bit scary because we were in really deep water and the boat was really wobbly when we walked on it. It was really fun and we got to splash in the water afterwards.

Paolo and Josh


The night walk was easy for our group, we did three and the other groups only did two. You had to hold on a rope and explain what was happening in front and pass instructions back.