Digital Safety

At Prestonfield Primary we are working hard to ensure that children can benefit from the numerous advantages of digital technologies safely. Digital technologies now influence large portions of our lives including education therefore it is important that children learn how to safely use these technologies so they can benefit from these influences.

It is important that children feel confident when using digital technologies as they can be a wonderful tool when used responsibly.  At school we teach children how to use digital technologies focusing on issues such as looking after personal information, viewing the internet as a place, being wary of strangers, cyber-bullying and recognising when to ask for help.

The main issues which children at this school are facing are inappropriate content on Youtube, over-sharing on social media, sharing personal information when signing up to games and who they are interacting with on apps and games, including games on games consoles. Youtube, Instagram and the use of Play Station Network or Xbox Live are the more prominently used online platforms by the children at this school and therefore merit parent’s awareness.

To assist with helping your child navigate digital technologies confidently and safely there is a selection of resources for you to browse below:

  • This is an excellent PowerPoint that gives a clear overview of the challenges for parents and young people in relation to using digital technologies. digital-safety-presentation-for-parents
  • The NSPCC has a comprehensive list of resources to help parents support their child’s use of digital technologies.
  • The ‘Thinkuknow’ parents website is linked to the National Crime Agency and contains information helping parents deal with concerns.
  • Vodafone Digital Parenting provides an up to date selection of articles on current digital safety issues.
  • The CEOP Youtube channel contains a host of videos that could be used as a starting point for discussion between parents and children. The Play,Like,Share video series is very current.

If you have any questions or suggestions about specific issues that need more information about would be helpful please get in touch via the school admin email.

Thank you for reading!