Mighty Rights Team


Our Mighty Rights Team visiting BEd year 3 Students at Moray House

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The Mighty Rights Team

The Mighty Rights Team take the lead in developing and delivering our School’s Action Plan. They make sure that the whole school is aware of children’s rights and think of activities to promote children’s rights.  The team will be leading our work towards achieving Rights Respecting Schools Award Level 2 which includes spreading our rights respecting message across the community. Representatives from the team will be speaking to children and staff at Craigour Park Primary School and to trainee teachers at Moray House about the school’s work.  The following children make up our Mighty Rights Team:

P1: Chloe  and Findlay

P2: Jack  and Megan

P3: Lucas and Rosie

P4: Amorie  and Ben

P5/4 Lucy  and Prionta

P5: Archie  and Evan

P6 Gunjan and Juliet

P7: Sophia and Tegan

Right of the Month

One of the key roles of the Mighty Rights Team is to ensure that children at Prestonfield know about the Rights of the Child-things which all children should have, whoever they are and wherever they live. These rights include safety, clean water and access to education and medical care. The Mighty Rights Team’s aim is to make sure that everyone at Prestonfield knows their rights and plays their part in protecting the rights of others.

The Mighty Rights Team will do this by choosing and introducing a different Right of the Month each month.

‘Every child has the right to learn to use the language, customs and religion of their family, regardless of whether these are shared by the majority of the people in the country where they live.’

This is particularly important at Prestonfield where there are so many different nationalities, languages and religions in our school that we respect and celebrate.

One of the things that the Mighty Rights Team considered very carefully recently was that following the Scottish Referendum vote, everyone in Scotland would need to work together, however they voted and whatever they believed. This would ensure a happy, rights respecting place for everyone in Scotland to live in.

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