Prestonfield 85th Anniversary Celebrations

On Friday, 2nd September 2016, Prestonfield Primary School celebrated its 85th Birthday by opening its doors to former pupils, staff, friends and neighbours.  It was a lovely morning where so many guests were able to meet up again and share fond and happy memories of their time at Prestonfield, including Margaret Waugh who was 5 years old when the school originally opened in 1931 and is now 90!  It was also a great pleasure to meet many of the staff and pupils who were at Prestonfield twenty years ago in 1996 when they buried a time capsule containing information on all the work that had been done at that time to improve the school playground.


Mrs Kay Broadfoot, former Deputy Headteacher and Miss Linda Watt, former Senior Teacher were invited to oversee the unearthing of the time capsule by two former pupils Craig and Billy.







Our children and staff were also able to show off their wonderful work and learning on the different decades from the 1930s to the current day in a super exhibition in the Hall.  Children were also asked to predict what they thought learning and teaching would look like at Prestonfield in fifteen years’ time to coincide with the school’s 100th birthday.  Their predictions that technology will dominate the educational world (teachers and other school staff will be replaced by robots!) along with what learning and teaching is like in 2016, were placed in the time capsule and reburied by Emma Mottus and Brandon McAulay, Pupil Council Chairs.  The school would like to thank everyone for making the day such a happy one to remember and look forward to seeing everyone for the 100th birthday celebrations in 2031!





A special thank you to the volunteers from Scottish Widows who did such an excellent job of tidying the Centre Garden ready for the celebrations as part of their ‘day to make a difference’.


Come and Join Us on Friday 2 September 2016 from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm as Prestonfield Primary School  celebrate  85 Years in the Community.

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85 Years Flyer 2


Prestonfield Primary School Celebrates 85 Years in the Community

Picture 1 30 August






All children from Nursery to P7 worked together to create a mural of the school in the community using recycled materials.

Picture 2 30 August

P5 pupils arranged the mono prints that children had created of their homes around the school buildings.


Picture 3 30 August

They also created Salisbury Crags using bottle tops.

Everything started to take shape…

Picture 4

and then we finally had our school…

Picture 5

made out of old felt tip pens…

PIcture 6

Nursery children made the green grass for

Holyrood Park.


Picture 7

P4 children discussed with Mrs Moore, the Technologies Specialist how they would like to design and make the school buildings, surrounded by their own homes.

And gradually…

Picture 8

with lots of hard work and working together…

Picture 9

Surrounded by its community…

Picture 10

Prestonfield House and the Royal Commonwealth Pool

Picture 11

and Cameron Toll Shopping Centre with

Priestfield Church.

Thank you to all the children and Mrs Moore for such a wonderful work of art which is on display in school.