Pupil Council


Pupil Councillors

2016 – 2017

P1    Maryam  & Gabriel

P2    Poppy  &Cheta

P3    Jude  & Tineyi

P4    Seb  & Theo

P5/4 Pola  & Lewis

P5    Grace  & Maisie

P6    Beth & Manolis

P7    Brandon  & Emma  – Chairs of the Pupil Council



2016 – 2017

Pupil Councillors have a very important job to do. We will:

  • Write a child friendly version of the School Improvement Plan and share this with all children
  • Attend monthly meetings with the Headteacher
  • Collect ideas from peers on to how to make learning and teaching even better and improve the school
  • Keep you up to date on what we have discussed and agreed
  • Choose charities to support and raise money for the school
  • Represent the school at special events.

Pupil Councillors should:

  • Be excellent role models
  • Be responsible and caring
  • Be able to speak out in front of the class and/or to the whole school
  • Have lots of ideas about how to improve learning and teaching experiences and improve the school generally
  • Be able to listen to others and represent their views
  • Be able to report back to peers accurately and clearly after meetings
  • Be organised and able to take notes.

Elections to the Pupil Council:

  • Pupils will be elected on to the Pupil Council every year by their peers apart from in P7 see below
  • Each Councillor will be presented with a Pupil Council badge at the beginning of the new session
  • Each Councillor will be given a Pupil Council Folder
  • Each Councillor will receive a certificate presented at the end of year Assembly.

Structure of the Pupil Council:

  • P7 Councillors will act as Chairperson on an alternate basis
  • There will be two Councillors from each P1-P7 class
  • P6 Councillors will continue in their roles into P7 to ensure continuity and a smooth transition, unless there are good reasons not to.

Pupil Council Meetings:

These will be held approximately once a month on Thursday at 13.20 in the Committee Room as follows:

The Headteacher will take notes and distribute these after meetings. A copy of the notes will be displayed on the Pupil Council board outside the Headteacher’s Office and on the School Website.

Pupil Councillors will feedback to their peers about Pupil Council matters following the meeting that week.

Mrs Murray


September 2016



Pupil Council Meeting 30 March