Moneywise Prestonfield ‘Snappy Savers’

Snappy Savers
Volunteers from Tesco Bank are supporting a local primary school

Snappy Savers

Credit unions across Scotland say they are keeping local community banking alive, despite the closure of the Airdrie Savings Bank.





Many thanks to everyone for making our Money Week such a fantastic success.  The children were involved in a range of exciting, interactive financial challenges, had visiting speakers in school and trips out, culminating in a Money Week Showcase and the official opening of our own credit union ‘Moneywise Prestonfield’ by Mr Tommy Shepherd M.P.   The school has offered to donate £1 to each pupil to open their own account to financial capability and encourage good savings habits as early as possible.

Particular thanks go to Mr Kenny Ferguson who has supported the school in planning the week and in setting up our own credit union.  Moneywise Prestonfield ‘Snappy Savers’ will be run by Mr Ferguson with the help of the following P5 pupils who applied and were successful at interview for the positions of cashiers, runners, tellers and supervisors:  Mhairi, Sarah, Liam, Aneeba, Najeeba, Shishir, Sam, Beth, Juliet, Katrina, Manolis, Joshua, Gunjan, Hannah.  Moneywise Prestonfield will be open for business from Friday, 11th March and run on a fortnightly basis.

Congratulations to Sarah  for coming up with the winning name ‘Moneywise Prestonfield’ and to Lewis, Fajr, Abbie  and Vada for designing the ‘Snappy Savers’ logo.

Thank you to all the parents who sent in their top money saving tips which we have included in our ‘Money Matters’ Booklet which you can access through the link below as well as a whole range of ideas on how you can support your child in developing financial awareness and capability.

Mrs Murray and Mr Ferguson were delighted to have been asked to give a presentation on Financial Education at Prestonfield to the Scottish Financial Education Forum, Education Scotland in Glasgow on 4th May 2016 to share the excellent work that the school has been doing.

We now have 100 children who have opened an account with Moneywise Prestonfield!


Money Matters April 2016