School Calendar

What’s coming up?

Masterclasses Block 2 – from Friday 2nd November

Friends of Prestonfield Parent Council – Tuesday 13th November 7pm – 8.30pm

Learning Together session – Thursday 8th November, 2.30pm

Primary 1 and Primary 2 Nativity Play  – Monday 10th December 2pm and Tuesday 11th December at 6pm


Class Assemblies

In order to help families plan ahead here is the list of class assembly dates for the school year:

Primary 1 – Friday 31st May

Primary 2 – Friday 3rd May

Primary 3 – Friday 28th September

Primary 4 – Friday 16th November

Primary 5 – Friday 8th March

Primary 6 – Friday 1st February

Primary 7 – Friday 9th November

All class assemblies will begin at 9.15am. Please come to the front door.