Have you ever thought of volunteering in School?

We would love to be able to use your expertise, skills and enthusiasm to enhance the learning experiences for all our children. Whether you would like to help support small groups of children in class with reading, writing or maths, modern foreign languages, help out on school trips, with clubs or share your knowledge, skills and experience during specific initiatives like World of Work Week, please get in touch with us.

The first photograph is of Mr Hobson who is one of our greatest and committed volunteers. Mr Hobson works with children to keep our Centre Garden and surrounding flower tubs looking beautiful. We have also been extremely fortunate to have had a lot of support from Scottish Widows who have helped us on their ‘Day to Make a Difference’.

We are extremely grateful to all our volunteers who give their time and dedication to the School.

Just a wee word of caution…

Mrs Murray started as a parent helper all those years ago when her elder son Alexander, who is now 22, first started primary school. So volunteering can actually be the first step into a whole new, wonderful life!